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Some amazing shopping photos:

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julianlimjl Shops
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Nice Shopping photos

Some cool purchasing images:

Barber Shop
Picture by lecercle
glass store front, rimmed with wood blue welcomes me. Engraved in red on the glass are the designs and also styles the ‘Hair Cutting Cocktail lounge’ deals in. Barber shops in India can be found in numerous avatars viz. the corner nahee [barber] that establishes up his unpolished mirror and also rickety chair under some high tree or a puccha [brick] barber facility that employs a number of such masters of the profession. Scissors, brushes, stainless steel blades, and round foldable plastic shavers are the versatile devices of their trade. Inside males wait with patience on deteriorated rexine couches, concealing their faces behind a local paper or a shiny gossip-spilling film publication. As I get in the males make space for me, bunching up together almost by reflex and one of them hands me an old concern a movie magazine.

Stylised posters of prominent Bollywood actors as well as screen starlets decorate the walls. Barber stores frequently end up being small Meccas to Indian film culture and also the sense of design stemmed from Bollywood or the regional cinema. If a movie comes to be a ‘incredibly favorite’ followers intend to replicate their much-loved stars’ hairdo. It is a place for songs as well as home entertainment too. No store is full without an old pocket TV in a corner or an unclean loud tape player or a small portable transistor radio.

y turn lastly shows up and I am lead by the grinning wrinkled male (that I think is going to be my barber today) to the chair. I set myself up sloppily on the chair as well as gaze into the mirror right back at myself. The barber chair is old and is a cross in between a “”lazy-boy”recliner chair as well as a dentist chair. Identical mirrors have this amazingly quality of fastening me with a sense of wonder. Myriad photos of me, my barber and also everyone else in this tiny vibrant area provide me a feeling that I belong to something huge, a memorable event when a guy and also his sharp tools are going to rid me of some excess dead cells. I am gotten up from my day desire by little beads of water splashed from a mobile dispenser. The barber noted my long hair for a minute and after that gently murmured into my ears,.

“”Sahib aap ko dandruff ho gaya hai.””
. [Sir you seem to have dandruff]
I responded in the affirmative. He continued speaking with me as he currently attempted with some difficulty to comb my hair into some shape,.

“”Sahib apko kaise baal katana hai?””
. [Just how do you want you hair cut]
I checked out him sullenly via the mirror as I stated,.

“”Bhai sahib sab kuch kat lo, bilkul gunja kar do””
. [Brother, cut it short – real short, merely but making me bald.]
Half an hour later on, I surfaced from the store satisfied – a nice male.

Shop.Eat.Drink … Make Love
Image by d26b73
Shop.Eat.Drink … Have sex

Christmas Shops
Image by ScottSimPhotography
Christmas shops in Hebden Link, West Yorkshire.

● Sony a6000.
● E PZ 16-50mm.

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Prague flower shop

Some awesome buying images:

Prague blossom shop
Picture by jafsegal
Blossom store in Malá Strana

The Barber Shop
Picture by deep shot
On Explore # 365 – November 2,2007

If you’re asking yourself how an old barber shop looks like 50 or more years earlier, this is just how.

I assume I like it better compared to the barber shops today:-RRB-.

New york city State Gallery, Albany, New York

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Some cool buying pictures:

Picture by Moyan_Brenn
buying in Budapest … View of a lovely store in the center of Budapest, along the renowned Vaci Utca street

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Image by Moyan_Brenn
Shopping in Gran baazar during afternoon, in a common day of Istanbul, Turkey

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Image by nyoin

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