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Nice Model Trains photos

Some amazing design trains pictures:

model trains
Photo by MTAPhotos
Grand Central turns 100 in 2013 as well as the New York Transportation Gallery is starting the event early with its 11th Yearly Vacation train Show! In a brand new format built by Lionel, model Metro-North and also New York Central trains depart from a miniature GCT on a 34′ long two degree “”” O “scale design. Classic design trains from the Museum’s collection and New york city Central Railway posters from the 1920s– 1940s are likewise on display.

The show, at the Transit Museum’s annex at Grand Central, runs from Nov 21, 2012, through February 10, 2013.

Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority/ Patrick Cashin.

Train Yard
model trains
Image by Falashad
Version Trains

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